The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Yal Kul

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charlotte and I woke up early and headed out to the beach to hunt for seashells, then we joined Mark and Genevieve at the restaurant for breakfast. Pretty normal breakfast buffet, the guy making omelets, etc. Once we ate we suited up and went into Akumal town in search of the Yal Kul lagoon. Mark figured out the way to get there of course (because he is the human GPS) past all the cute rental and vacation homes. We parked our car, paid our money and headed to the lagoon. Because of the swine flu it was absolutely not crowded (not a single tour bus). What clear, calm water! Mark started with Charlotte and I had Genevieve, and then we switched. Charlotte was a trooper here. No real complaints except when she got a bit cold and then we would just climb out on the stairs they had around and warm up. We saw all kinds of fish and headed out to try to see a turtle but the more into the ocean we got the unhappier she got so we went back to the lagoon. Once she was done she swam around the entrance telling all the kids that came by how much fun she was having and how good the snorkeling was. Mark and Genevieve also saw a lot of different things. Once we were all super tired we showered off and drove back to our resort. We had lunch and when I went up to get a drink I was surprised by a giant sand crab!  Yikes! The kids were thrilled and the waiters were all trying to shoo it outside. Finally they got it in one of those dustpan things with a handle and moved it. Pretty funny. We went to hang out by the pool, when Charlotte and Genevieve were approached by Paola of the kids club seeing if they wanted to join. Charlotte did and Genevieve didn’t so we sent her off and then Mark, Genevieve and I went snorkeling in the ocean. We saw lots more fish because we were over the coral this time (duh!) and we also saw my turtle again. It seems he always wants to hang out in the same spot. We all went back to the pool to meet Charlotte and then showered and went to dinner. This time we were enticed to stay up a bit later and partake of the dancing. There is a “club song” called “Mexicano” that there was a dance to and they would teach it several times during the day and also at night. We decided the show was too late, though, so after the dancing we went to our room and to bed.

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