The Roving Richards

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Aix Again

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Oh no! Our last day in Aix! We slept in a bit due to the late night yesterday, and then went to Banette for our Pain au chocolate as usual. Mark felt lazy, so the girls and I went out shopping! We saw the Friday market but foolishly I passed on the olive wood kitchen utensils (regretted that later). We got Charlotte a cute kitty cat dress from Du Pareil au meme, me a nice polka dot dress and nice shirt for Genevieve from Promod. Aix has a lot of the chain French stores, I think it’s the main shopping town for the area. Genevieve also got more macarons from Magasin (not liver and onion flavored, she preferred the rose). We also stopped by the bakery and the cheese shop one last time (our third in a week, we really like cheese!).

We returned to the apartment where we found Mark awake, so we hung around for a bit and he unexpectedly went back to bed! He slept until 2:30 and resisted all attempts to wake him, so my vision of a nice lunch at Panier a Salades was ruined. By the time he got up I was very cranky and hungry despite munching on bread and cheese, but it was way too late to have lunch if we were going to also be going out to dinner. The whole family went back out shopping but we’d pretty much seen everything we were interested in, so we returned to the apartment. Then Genevieve and I went out to the Granet museum which was right around the corner from our apartment. Nice to see the paintings and good to get out. Returned back to the apartment where the girls and I convinced Mark that we really should go to Pasta Cosy again for dinner. And it was just as good the second time! I had the risotto which was perfect.

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