The Roving Richards

A family on the move

London 2002

January 4th – January 14th, 2002

Around the 15th of December, I (Monica) was in a meeting at work when my boss mentioned the upcoming sales meeting in London.  Reflexively, I raised my hand and said “I’ll go”, same as I always do any time a trip to Europe is mentioned.  Only this time, Gods be praised, the boss was looking for volunteers to go present at the meeting.  Yippee!!  I called Mark at work to give him the heads up that he would be taking care of Genevieve for a week, when he decided that NO WAY was I going to Europe without him (personally, I think he was just afraid to be in charge of Genevieve for that long).  So he took the days off and we booked our tickets.  We were very nervous about bringing a 14-month-old on a journey like this, but because of the short notice we didn’t have much time to worry which was a blessing.  I went off to the passport office the next day and got a rush passport for Genevieve, and also got her a coat and long underwear.  We got past Christmas and New Years, and then we were ready to go!



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