The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Williamsburg Day 1

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

We requested a late check out, so after breakfast Mark took the bus to the airport to get the rental car while the kids and I watched the Harry Potter movie marathon on tv. At noon we went downstairs to meet Mark, then we drove to the Safeway he and Genevieve had passed on the way back from the Nationals game to get lunch. Then we made the long drive to Colonial Williamsburg. For some reason I had pictured it being closer to DC, probably because lots of people who visit DC also go to Williamsburg. We hit traffic, too, which surprised me, but we finally made it by 4:00.

We walked to the visitor’s center and they told us we needed to check in at the Williamsburg Hotel, so we drove there. Very nice place, cordial doorman and gracious people. We checked in and then got sent to a concierge whohelped orient us and get us set up for our visit. Then they told us to follow a purser to our Colonial House (theOrlando Jones kitchen), which turned out to be across the street from the hotel. Very cute place! I had expected it to be smaller but it was actually pretty big and of course had a ton of charm. There were two floors with a room on each floor. The upstairs had the master bedroom and the bathroom as well as a little landing, and the downstairs had a living room with a sofa bed and a little kitchenette. We got our stuff stowed and then walked around the town. It was cooling off a bit and most of the people had left so it was nice. We headed towards the Merchants Square, a newer mall thing at the end of town that promised casual dining. We had dinner at Seasons, which was okay but pretty much unremarkable, and then picked up some sweet treats at the Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop which was really quite phenomenal. On the way back we stopped to pet the horses and saw fireflies! Yay!  I caught a few and we were all surprised to see they are really flying beetle things and not flies at all. By now we felt it was too late to go swimming, so we made the girls take a shower and then we went to bed.

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