The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today Charlotte and I went out in the morning in search of a bakery for bread and anything else that looked good. Right down Corso Porto Bosari (the nearest cross street) and across Piazza Erbe was De Rossi il Fornaio where they had all kinds of breads and sweets and most importantly this wonderful strudel. So we got some bread and some strudel and returned to the apartment so everyone could eat.

Then we headed out to the Roman Theater, through a very scenic area of Verona. We saw those big parmesan cheese wheels and intended to go back later and get some to take home but we never did. We crossed the Ponte Pietra and then toured the theater using Verona cards but the museum was under renovation so there PhotoPhotowasn’t much to see. We headed around the other side of the river trying to get to where the apartment we stayed at last time was but the street took us in a slightly different way and we wound up instead at the Giardino Giusti. We walked around this beautiful Renaissance garden for a while, then headed back out. We stopped at a little bakery to get something to tide us over until lunch, which we ate at the little restaurant right outside our apartment. After Photolunch we headed to Juliet’s (fake) balcony and toured the Photohouse which was owned by a family of the same last name as Juliet back in the day. We also looked at the Church of Sant’ Anastasia. The girls practiced lighting candles (by the end of the trip they could do it unassisted). Then we went shopping! We found lots of stuff, shirts for me and clothes for the girls and cute purses for the girls (Charlotte’s shaped like a little weiner dog).

That night we started off on the right foot with Spritz in the piazza followed by a very nice dinner (with Photoconfused but attentive waiters) at Ristorante S.Eufemia.  Very nice end to a very nice day!

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