The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Monday, July 13th, 2009

We got up and went to breakfast and then the kids when to the Kids Club while Mark and I got packed up. I went to hang out in the deck chairs in front of this building (far from everything!) which was peaceful at least. We got the stuff loaded into the car with the help of a porter and got the kids from the pool. We had lunch at the snack bar, checked out and left. I will miss this place!

We drove up to Cancun, uneventful and not much traffic. I was surprised by the Cancun hotel zone. I expected it to be a cross between Las Vegas andTijuana and instead it was more like Orlando, everything so perfect and artificial. We checked into our hotel, the Ambience Villas Kin-Ha, and at first we were disappointed with our room, with a view of the parking lot right near the lobby. But it turned out to be good, a straight shot to the sitting area where the WiFi was, and the pool and the convenience store and quiet. We went to see the ocean and the kids and I played in the pool while Mark checked email. We cleaned up and went to a very nice dinner at Limoncello, an Italian restaurant along the lagoon. It was fancy but they were great with the girls, showing them where they returned the lobster they brought live to our table to see if we wanted to eat it, and the resident crocodillo. The food was good too!  Mark and I decided that this would be our anniversary dinner. And back to the hotel and to bed.

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