The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Trip to Costa Rica 2008

Saturday, June 21 2008

After a disastrous lead-in to our trip–the day before we left we had an “open neutral” in our power which means that your power gets really erratic and all of the volts can transfer onto one line causing appliances to burn out with a large pop and lights to glow really brightly, and our cat Panino had been missing for over a week–we woke bright and early for our flight.  Mark as usual didn’t get ready in time and was still puttering when the taxi came, then refused to hurry up so the guy didn’t have to wait. Every time….why? We arrived at the airport with enough time to manage both the check in line and the security line and get a cinnabon which Charlotte wouldn’t eat and Genevieve got all over me, and then onto the plane. I sat between the girls and the flight was uneventful. Then we arrived in Dallas and got to take their new Sky Train to the (also new I believe) terminal D where we had a decent enough lunch at Bennigans and then played a bit in the very lame play area. On the next flight (once Mark and Genevieve figured out they were waiting to board a plane to Guatemala and came to the right area) there were actually two empty seats near me!  Two!! I declined one lady’s offer to switch with me (what is she, nuts?) and brought Charlotte to my row and each kid had a window and space to lie down. I guess that makes up for the cursed life we’d lived the few days prior to the trip. Charlotte would not stop talking, and at one point I had really had enough of the chatter. I said “Charlotte, can you stop talking please, do you think?” and she replied “I can stop talking, I just don’t want to”. Figures.

Once we got to San Jose, Costa Rica, Charlotte had predictably fallen asleepand was cranky when she was woken up. But we got through customs in ten minutes or so and our taxi was waiting to take us to Hotel Villa Bonita. Nice room, and nice people. Got the kids to bed and called it a day.

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