The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We awoke to find the pavas from the night beforeroosting in our tree, which was cool. Then a pair of parrots flew into the other tree and groomed each other up there for a while. A good morning to read a book out on the back deck! After breakfast we walked around the grounds and saw a lot of emerald basilisks including a big male, but alas we had not brought our cameras. We hung out a bit and then went to Burger King for lunch (you knew it was going to happen) and then when shopping for souveniers in La Fortuna.  Oddly enough, the store with the best selection and pricing turned out to be the gift shop at Los Lagos!  The girls got a bunch of stuff including a wooden frog that “chirps” when you run the included stick up its back, a stuffed sloth, decorated pen and more. They were in tourist heaven. I did pretty well too, I found a napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers for the cabin (going Costa Rican there) and a cookbook so I can make gallo pinto at home. Then we played in the pool for a few hours. Treated the girls to a smoothie at the swim up bar and they looked so cute lined up at the bar I really wish I had a camera but being as mine is not waterproof I didn’t. We all hit the waterslides one more time but Mark’s ear was starting to bother him so he refrained.  I decided I really liked the long one that went into the cold pool, probably because I could manage to do it without getting a ton of water up my nose. That night we went back to Anchio for dinner because it was our favorite. And back to our room with its cute towel arrangement, some spanish tv, off to bed!

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