The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Los Lagos

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We got up early to find the rain had stopped. After a good breakfast we said goodbye to Hotel Villa Bonita and drove to La Fortuna. Traffic was very light and we made record time with little rain. Once we got to Los Lagos there was a bit of confusion because they had us down as a party of six and didn’t quite believe me when I said we were only four. But eventually we got it straightened out, they put on our wristbands we were to wear our entire stay (ick) and we went to our room. It was unfortunately a bit far from the pool, way in the back corner, but they had a shuttle that would come get you when you called. Nice and large, though, with one window that looked out to the volcano and a back door that looked out over the valley. We settled in and then went down to have lunch. Charlotte complained the entire way that she had to walk down that steep hill so after that we always called the shuttle. Lunch was just okay, and then we checked out the butterfly garden (nice) and the crocodiles (cages too small) and saw all of the resident basilisks. We returned to our room via shuttle and changed into our suits and checked out the pools. Super cool!  There was a hot pool with a waterslide and swim-up bar, a colder kids pool with a smaller slide and another cold pool with a huge slide. In addition there were something like eight smaller mineral pools scattered around. The kids were in pool heaven, just as I had hoped!  Wecaught the shuttle back to our room, changed and went out to dinner at this hip looking Italian place called Anchio, next to the Burger King. Very nice food! And back to the room and to bed.  The kids were happy because they got to watch PBS kids in Spanish.

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