The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Zoo Ave

Friday, July 4, 2008

This morning after breakfast (past the statue where Charlotte said “hey, that’s where the piggies sleep”, something she said three years ago that didn’t make any more sense then than it did now but wow, what a memory that girl has!) we took the Xandari waterfall hike. It was mostly uneventful except for finding some caterpillars and this cool bright blue bug. We had lunch at Ceviche del Rey, the peruvian restaurant we always visit, and then went to Zoo Ave. I think by then the girls had seen enough wildlife because we breezed through the zoo. Genevieve did find a 10,000 colones bill, though (about $20.00) which she decided to use to purchase presents for her friends. Mark was interested in this guy who brought in an extremely poisonous pit viper with his bare hands and turned it over to the Zoo Ave staff. I guess they relocate them in less populated areas. It began to pour as we left. We drove to the car rental drop off through heavy traffic and then took a taxi back to Xandari. It was good we did this the day before our flight because there was no way we could have made it in the morning. Genevieve and I went to the hot tub while Mark and Charlotte rested. I was amused at everyone jumping out when they heard the lightening even though it was really far away. They should have seen how we pushed our luck at Los Lagos! Dinner was normal, and we said goodbye to Cristian until next time. When we got back to our room we could see ex-pat fireworks displays for the fourth down in Alajuela.

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