The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Murano & Burano

Friday, July 11th, 2014

PhotoGenevieve had heard from a friend that Venice was magical if you got up early and walked around at 7:00. She dragged herself out of bed to see if it were true. Venice is nice when it’s uncrowded, but also nothing is open. PhotoSo we walked around the same streets we’d walked around for the past few days. There were fewer people but not so much fewer that when Charlotte and I were out the day before. All in all, a bit of a bust, but still, we got some good photos. We also saw that the Disney store had gotten a new shipment, and so right after our nice breakfast we went out to see if they had received an Elsa doll but no luck.

PhotoWe walked to the end of the island to find the best vaporetto stop from which to reach Murano. There was a long while with no signs where we weren’t sure where we were going but then the word “vaporetto” with an Photoarrow started to appear so we got back on track. Got on the vaporetto and to Murano. Lots of glass shops (which of course we visited) but not a lot of places with demonstrations on glass blowing. Finally we found one, and that was interesting. We had lunch at at normal enough tourist restaurant, and then boarded another vaporetto for Burano.

BuranoPhoto sure is a cute town. All the buildings in different colors, just like an Italian Capitola (it might be more likely that Capitola is a Californian Burano, but no matter). We’re not into lace so mostly what there is to do there is walk around and take pictures. We found the back of the island where you could see thePhoto sea and with the blue sky (no drizzle, no clouds) and the slight breeze it was just so pretty we couldn’t help but feel really happy. There’s also a church in Burano with a leaning clock tower. Not as bad a lean as Pisa, but noticeable. We only stayed there an hour, and then took the hour long ride back to Venice.

We walked around Venice a bit but by now we’d pretty much seen it a few times so we went back to the hotel, Photofreshened up and then went out to dinner along the grand canal outside our hotel next to the Ristorante CanalPhoto Grande. They all blend together, but we went to the last one in the row. We had an aperol spritz, and advised the girls sitting next to us to order that too. And then they advised the girls who sat next to them. And so on and so forth. The food was good and the girls enjoyed grossing us out by pointing out how the termites were fleeing the high water on their dock. A nice dinner and a good view for our last night in Italy!

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