The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Back to DC and home

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

We started out the day by packing up our stuff and then heading to the hotel for another wonderful breakfast. The doormen warned us that the day was supposed to have a heat index of 115 and as it was already 90 I could believe it. We checked out of our little house and then went to the print shop to complete the final task on the girls’ list. That done, we headed out of cute Williamsburg towards the James River where Mark had biked the day before. We took of our shoes and walked along the water, but we were aware of the heat and then sun so we didn’t stay long. We headed into Jamestown, and went to the air conditioned visitors center there but declined to walk around outside and see the ruins.

We drove the three hours back to Washington DC, and found our hotel, the airport Marriot. It was actually on the airport grounds, pretty funny. Full of military and government types on conferences, a very serious bunch. We checked into our room and then headed to the pool. Really nice pool but we were the only people there. The pool guy, whose job it was to hand out towels and act as a lifeguard, says sometimes days go by and nobody goes swimming. We got cleaned up and headed out to dinner. I had gotten a recommendation on Yelp for a good restaurant but when we got there it was totally unsuitable for us as there was absolutely nothing there Charlotte would eat. We drove around for a while looking for food (in Herndon VA, a strange place really) and finally settled on a totally adequate pizza by the slice Italian place. Reminded me of the Pasta Market. Mark dropped us off at the hotel and then returned the car and walked the block back to our hotel.

The next day we got up bright and early and took the hotel shuttle to the terminal, where we went through security and then took the tram to our actual gate. We got some overpriced croissants and cinnamon rolls for breakfast but at least the coffee was good. Our flight to LAX was uneventful, but I did find it funny that they’ve so obviously outgrown their airport a while ago. Busses pick you up and take you to the main terminal, and you wait for your flight in portables. I thought San Jose had it bad! The flight to San Jose was also uneventful, and Mamama (Mark’s mom) was waiting to take us home. When we arrived home Panino the cat was glad to see us and there was no evidence of rats, thank goodness!



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