The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Trip over

Tuesday, July 24th – Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The flight was pretty uneventful. We took the super shuttle to SFO, stopping quite a bit on the Peninsula to pick up a bunch of people around the Stanford campus. We got to SFO in plenty of time, checked in our very small wheely bags (the girls and I all got new for this trip, spinners, theirs with bright prints and mine with the spinniest wheels of all, it was fun to send that thing off!). We could have carried them on but we like being unencumbered in the airport and the lack of stress that comes from not wondering if there will be room in the overhead for your suitcase or not.

We made it to London, where the girls and I had fun in the book store getting British chocolates and magazines, which always come with prizes, even the adult ones. My Marie Claire came with a free mascara, and the girls got makeup and toys on their selections as well. The flight to Nice was on schedule and quick, and we got to the airport, retrieved our luggage and went through customs such as it was (there was an agent in Passport control but nobody at all to declare anything to if you had wanted to do such a thing). We caught a cab to our hotel, the Mercur Nice Grimaldi, and go to our room with little hassle despite our total inability to speak French. Nice enough room, we freshened up and then headed out to walk along the promenade des Anglais along the water and then to dinner, where we managed to successfully order pizza and pasta at Villa D’Este, which was recommended by our hotel. And so to bed, which of course didn’t work so well because we were nine hours from our body clock time.



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