The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Washington DC Day 5

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Enough with museums! Today we were going to Georgetown, where we hoped to ride the Georgetown Canal Boat and see the Old Stone House, and walk around. Well, we got the walking around part, but when we got to the canal the boat was not running indefinitely. The kids were crushed. When Mark talked to the ranger he explained it had been down for a few days but they “hadn’t gotten around” to updating their Website. WTF? How long could it possibly take to update a Website?  Obviously I don’t work for the government. So we walked a little farther to the river where they had working boat tours, so we decided to do that and walked around Georgetown before that tour. Nice houses! The boat tour was very nice, probably better anyway because it was hot that day and there was a nice breeze on the river that we wouldn’t have gotten from the mule-pulled canal boat.  We saw Watergate and the Kennedy Theater and Arlington from the boat as well as other sights.

Now it was time for lunch. We chose Ristorante Piccolo and it was fantastic. Very cute restaurant, great service and excellent food. Good people watching too (we got the window at the front). After lunch we tried to tour the Stone House but despite what the signs say it wasn’t open, so we just went back to our hotel via the metro, and then the girls went swimming because it was so hot.

That night Mark had tickets to see the Nationals Game with Genevieve. Genevieve says this was the highlight of her vacation, she’d never been in a stadium so big before. While they were out Charlotte and I had pizza at the restaurant next door, and I also had a chance to call the company I’m working as a consultant through, because they had another opportunity for me! Yay!

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