The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Isla Mujeres

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We got up earlier today and had breakfast before everyone else it seems, then took the bus to the Ferry dock for the ferry to Isla Mujeres. The ferry ridewas nice, but hot on the deck already. Once off the ferry we let ourselves be taken by one of the hawkers to rent a golf cart to tour the island. Our first stop was the Tortugranja, or Turtle Farm. We enjoyed seeing all of the turtles both big and small as well as the sea horses. While looking at the baby sea turtles Charlotte accidentally dropped her bracelet in the tank and all the sea turtles went for it and Mark had to pull it out of one of their mouths. Charlotte was in big trouble, but how cool we now have a bracelet that was “eaten” by a sea turtle!

Once we had our fill of turtles, we jumped back in the car to continue our tour of the island. We went by the Dolphin Discovery building but I had told Genevieve that was not on the table because they catch wild dolphins for these encounters and to patronize them is to ensure that more dolphins will be caught. We then continued back along to the tip of the island where the Mayan ruin is, but it is now largely gone due to hurricanes, so we didn’t want to pay the entrance fee to walk in the hot sun through the cheesy sculpture garden to see basically nothing. We continued along our journey, stopping to pick up sea shells and enjoy the view. Eventually we made it all the way back to the town, where we parked our golf cart and had lunch at a good pizzeria. After lunch we walked around a bit but did I mention it was hot? So we decided to return the cart and head back on the 3:30 ferry. On the way back Mark and Charlotte sat in the air conditioned lower story and I sat on the deck with Genevieve once the ferry was moving and there was a breeze to keep us cool. We gotback to the dock and immediately caught a bus back to our hotel. Man, the buses are cheap and fast, the US could learn a thing or two there! We all changed and went to the ocean and then the pool for a relaxing end to our vacation. I am going to miss the lazy togetherness, that’s for sure! That night we just went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the view of the beach and the pirate cruises. And off to bed.

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