The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Dublin Again

Thursday, August 23, 2007

At breakfast today I started to admonish Genevieve and Charlotte for talking too loud when I realized that the boisterous, extremely loud talking Spanish guests that were in the breakfast room with us were hardly going to notice our kids’ voices. We left the Rockhill House and said goodbye to Galway and went for the straight shot across Ireland on N6.  And a straight shot it was.  Not a single thing to see, and it was all we could do to find a town to stop in for lunch before we hit Dublin itself. Once in Dublin we managed to find the Schoolhouse hotel okay between Mark’s sense of direction and my head for visual clues. We checked in, and the girls were very excited to be back.  This time we were on the first floor and our rooms had a door between them. We unloaded all of the stuff from the car and cleaned it out as best we could, then headed back out to Avis to return it. We caught a bus back into town but by now it was rush hour and the bus was stuck in traffic so we got off and walked as soon as that was possible. The girls had an ice cream while Mark checked email and then we found an excellent restaurant, Pasta Fresca, for dinner. The pasta itself (not the sauce, although that was good too) was soooo yummy.  As good as anything we’ve had in Italy.  And they made these cute faces on our cappuccinos! We walked back to our hotel along the now familiar route past Merrion Square, and the kids took a bath (there had been a shower in the Salthill B & B) and went to bed.

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