The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Hangin’ in Sorrento

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
PhotoLazy day today! I got on eHow and figured out how to use that espresso maker and made some pretty decent, if a bit strong, coffee. Once everyone was up, we headed out to explore more of Sorrento. We walked around the town and down to the Marina Grande. We had lunch at the Trattoria da Emilia. Genevieve ordered the mussels and they were fantastic! Tasted so different than mussels usually do, none of that heavy taste, very light and fresh. I ordered fried sardines which tasted like fried sardines. Should have thought that one through first, I like sardines but this was a huge huge plate of them and I don’t like them that much! Fortunately there was a cat nearby that was all too happy to help me out. After lunch we walked around some more, did some shopping and then headed back to the apartment for some pool/ocean time.

PhotoThat night we had dinner at Inn Bufalito, and it was fantastic. We started with Sorrentine fondue and burrata, so yummy. The main courses were good too, especially Mark’s bisque with shrimp in it. After that we walked around the town a little bit and headed back home.

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