The Roving Richards

A family on the move

The Jungle Place

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

After a simple breakfast at the hotel restaurant where an iguana kept an eye on us from the ceiling beam (Genevieve left her uneaten melon for it on a rock) we drove to back up towards Akumal to go to the Jungle Place, a spider monkey sanctuary where you could actually be in the cage with the monkeys. I had made reservations for this about a month before. We arrived and were told to remove hats, glasses, watches, etc., and to shower off all sunscreen and bug spray. Hmmm, wish I’d known that about the sunscreen, I could have saved a lot of effort that morning applying it! We met up with a young couple from Northern Ireland and a young couple from Scotland and all went in. The monkeys were curious and loved to climb and jump on us. One young one called Maya singled out Charlotte to “pick” on to try to get a reaction. Silly monkey has realized that when young children are nibbled and jumped on theysometimes scream and that’s really fun. But Charlotte was good and stayed calm. Did you know that a spider monkey has teeth that look more human than animal? Strange. After we got done playing with the monkeys we headed to Oscar y Lalos, a very highly rated seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, Mark was still not feeling well and the kids don’t like seafood so the only person who really enjoyed it was me. But it was very good ceviche and they had hammocks and a playground for the kids so it was a good stop. Next we went to the Casa Cenote, which had been very highly recommended by a woman who lived in Cancun that we met at Akumal. The cenote was nice, very clear water and good swimming, but we think the reason the locals like it is that it’s more like a swimming hole so it’s like going to the lake for a day. We returned to our hotel and the kids played on the beach while Mark rested. We had dinner at the hotel again, just okay but the view is nice.

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