The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Pacific Trail

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh no, our last full day at Bosque del Cabo! Genevieve woke up in a difficult mood but we made it through breakfast. Then she was settling in to pick on Charlotte and start a yell fight but I convinced her to go on a hike with me instead. We hit the Titi trail again and saw monkeys and twosomethings run crashing through the forest (peccaries maybe? or maybe just coatis).  We also saw clear evidence of an anteater–leaves left in trails as if the ants had just vanished and an empty ant hill.  It was like walking onto a crime scene in CSI. We didn’t see the actual anteater, though, although I’ve been told they can blend right into the tree they’re on so maybe it was watching us.  On the way back we met another couple and we were all watching the white throated capuchin monkeys fool around. They were acting like they’d been trained, giving each other piggyback rides, etc. Then we turned around and oh look!  They were behind us as well. Turns out they are clever enough to figure out they have to distract the tourists while others in their party sneak around behind and try to get into your backpacks. Sneaky little things. After lunch we headed down the Pacific Trail. We had prepared Charlotte that it was very steep and she was fine, she likes stairs more than trails for some reason. We got down to the beach and the kids began collecting hermit crabs. We wouldn’t let them play in the surf because it was so rough but they found a warm tide pool and they were happy as clams.  Mark and I looked around at the weird sea snails and fish caught in the pools, and then Mark decided he could enjoy the surf with this girls in this one spot that had an eddy. When the tide started to come in we headed back before our exit was blocked. We went swimming in the pool and cleaned up and then headed to dinner. By this time there was another family there in addition to the two sets of honeymooners (who were very nice people, don’t get me wrong, especially Kelly who was very nice to the girls and Genevieve made a bracelet for) and their nine year old daughter had found a toad. So Genevieve got to chase it down and hold it (finally). She was amazed that I was spot on with my “hold it away from you! Hold it away from you!  It’s going to pee!” advice because of course the toad totally did. She’s finally learning that a lot of the time mom does know what she’s talking about! We had a nice dinner (Charlotte asleep on me the whole time, 7:00 is just too late for her to eat) and then went off to bed.

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