The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Journey Home

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

We got up even earlier today and had a nice breakfast. Checked out, headed out of the hotel, got gas in the car, found the car rental return, got on the shuttle to the terminal, and checked in at the airline. Hung out in the airline for a couple of hours waiting for our flight. We arrived in Dallas in time and made it through immigration and customs uneventfully, then took the train to our gate. Whoops, flight was delayed in DC. So we have time to eat at least. And what should the girls want but Taco Bell! Seems Mexican mexican food is not the same or as good as American mexican! Once our plane arrived everything went smoothly, and we arrived in San Jose while it was still light to be greeted by Mamama, who took us home. The cleaners had been to our house that day so we didn’t have to deal with the piles of fur usually deposited by the cat. And another great vacation over, back to the grindstone.



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