The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Today we were off to Positano for the beautiful views. We arrived at the train station and purchased our bus tickets and boarded the PhotoPhotobus across from the station filled with all of the other day trippers. The drive took a pretty windy hour to get there, no real traffic to speak of. Once we arrived in Positano we got to the tough work of taking pictures. We walked down one side of the town and back up the other, then back down that side until we realized that lots of people were arriving from cruise ship ferries and we’d better get lunch. We walked back up the hill on the back side of town (lots of Fitbit points!) and to a restaurant we’d seen with nice views. We were the first people there, but the kids were very annoyed when they sat the next group right in front of us, blocking our views (in fact when you read this Charlotte is still probably bringing it up). No worries, they left soon enough. Then we walked down to the dock, and back Photoup the other side and by then we’d taken about all the photos there were to take (and it was getting really hot) so we went to the bus stoPhotop to wait for our bus back to Sorrento.

This bus was really crowded, but we managed to get the kids seats at least. Then at the next stop at the top of town a couple left right next to Mark so we got their seats. The poor bus driver, there was more than one occasion where the oncoming traffic blocked the road and there was much maneuvering and backing up so that we could pass. Really really glad to not be driving on this road, and my advice to everyone is Don’t Even Try It. Charlotte fell asleep on this bus, leading to a new family rule: If you are sitting next to a friend or family member who is asleep, DO NOT get off the bus before that person is fully awake and getting off with you! Fortunately even though Genevieve left Charlotte asleep in Sorrento she did rouse herself enough to also make it off.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to our apartment, then headed out to the hotel for our water time. This time I brought the camera so I PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotogot these great shots so you can see how very nice the ocean and pool were.
After that we freshened up and went to the Tarantella show at Teatro Tasso, which was pretty cute. The couple from Seattle who were in our tour of Pompeii were also there. Before the show, my experience with the Funiculare song was only with the Veggie Tale’s High Silk Hat version, so it was good to hear the real thing!

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