The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Yucatan 2009

Although we love Costa Rica, this year we wanted to do something different. We first had tickets for the Bahamas but the more research we did the more that seemed like a high-end adult-ish sailing-ish vacation and not what we were looking for. We had always intended to visit the Mayan ruins so Mexico came up on our radar. We also were very excited to go snorkeling again as it had been a few years since we had done that and now that the girls (Genevieve age 8 and Charlotte age 6) were decent enough swimmers they could go too. So we switched our tickets to Cancun and we were off!

Before we left, we had Genevieve read this book called Your Travel Guide to Ancient Mayan Civilization which I highly recommend. It’s written for kids as if they were going to travel back in time to meet the Mayans. Full of fun tips, etc., and it really got her interested in what she was going to see.



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