The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Chichen Itza

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

After our restless night’s sleep we got up and hadbreakfast at the hotel restaurant, and then headed out to Chichen Itza. We arrived to find it not at all crowded, so we bought our tickets and headed in. Uh oh. Clouds. Well, the main walkway was lined with vendors selling very cheap things but we could see the ongoing excavations and I guess they have made some good discoveries lately. We took some pictures of the main pyramid which you are no longer allowed to climb, but then it did start to rain. We opted not to buy the rain ponchos and of course we had forgotten our raincoats. Mark said later that he thought the rain wouldn’t last… Anyhow, eventually there was a break in the rain so we ran out to see the ball court and the platform of skulls where they used to display the heads of defeated warriors, but then it really really started to come down and there was no way we could stay, besides the rain there was about 3″ of water on the ground. So we headed back to the car. Fortunately, they way that site is it really isn’t that big so besides the main square that we saw we only really missed the sacred cenote (which I had wanted to see but oh well). Once we were back in the car Genevieve and I got the chills really badly. We went back to our hotel and changed and rested and when we were feeling better headed out for lunch at Maria de la Luz, a hotel across the way. Blech. Truly awful and inedible. My cream of tomato soup was Campbell’s with the lumps still in and it was lukewarm, and the rest of the family didn’t fare any better. We had wanted to go see Ek Balam but the weather really wasn’t cooperating and I wasn’t feeling that great, so we opted to stay at the hotel. Genevieve had wanted to try this unusual fruitcalled a Pitaya we had seen on the trip to Sian Ka’an. They had them on display at the hotel so we asked for one and they prepped it for us (en fruta, para llevar) and we got to try it, so that was good. Eventually it stopped raining and we all hung out at the pool. We had a super nice dinner at El Meson del Marques, their kitchen really is top notch. And so to bed but not to sleep what with the hard beds, the noisy air conditioner and the garbage trucks…

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