The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Friday, June 27, 2008

Sigh, leaving Bosque del Cabo.  I knew I was going to regret getting on that plane!  The honeymooners next to us were actually spending their entire two week honeymoon at Bosque we were talking about how you could get used to it, and I joked that when we returned in two years they’d be working in the kitchen!  Funny if it’s true! I took a little hikebefore breakfast on the loop through the tropical garden and saw a couple of woodpeckers, a toucan eating a plant and morphos butterflies, an agouti and the howlers that live over by the pond. After breakfast we just enjoyed the grounds–there were howler monkeys over by the Pizote cabina and a spider monkey and her baby and kid in our tree, and of course the capuchins in the mango trees. We got on our jeep at 11:00 and on the way out we saw the honeymooning couple – they had spotted a sloth!  See, you spend two weeks in a place you get to be a really good wildlife spotter. We got to the Puerto Jimenez airport in time to have an ice cream and then boarded our plane for San Jose. Once we got to San Jose it started to pour buckets and this needling fear that I had not allowed enough time to drive to Arenal became reality. It was 3:00 by the time we finished getting the rental car and picked up our carseats from Hotel Villa Bonita (they held them for us for a week, isn’t that nice?). We asked Humberto what he would do in our situation and he said he would never attempt the road at that time and in the pouring rain. So they shuffled people around and we stayed there for the night. I was bummed at basically losing a day of vacation but there wasn’t anything to do about it. They did our laundry for us at a rock bottom price and so conveniently, and Charlotte enjoyed seeing Felipe again. We went to a decent dinner at a nearby steakhouse and in general made the best of a bad situation.

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