The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Aktun Chen

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After breakfast today Mark decided that more pool and snorkeling would just be too redundant, and so he suggested we go to Aktun Chen to explore their cave and maybe swim in their cenote. So we drove there and after waiting a bit we were paired up with a guide. He started off by showing us their snakes. Charlotte was excited to see a cute bunny in one of the cages, but whoops, of course that bunny was destined to be dinner. Again she wanted to hold the snakes so there you go, you just expose her to something for three years and she’s finally eager to try it. We then toured the cave which was interesting, there were bats and mot mot birds in addition to stalactites, stalagmites and Mayan lore. After the tour, we opted not to go to the cenote, mostly because it was a drive and we were tired. We hung out in their hammocks and enjoyed their pet parrots and toucans, then headed back to our car. But yikes! What is that awful smell along the way? Too many peccaries in a pen, yuck! We saw their spider monkeys in a niceenclosure (check that out Crococun) and drove To the Lol Ha restaurant at Akumal beach for a nice lunch. We also enjoyed waving for the webcam, although we had forgotten to set a “date” with the kids’ friends to watch us. We shopped at Mexicarte where we got a turtle and crab made out of metal for our yard and a nice pair of earrings, and then got an ice cream at Lucy’s, and then the girls and I walked back to the resort while Mark took the car back. I had to laugh at this walk. I had been at the dive shop the day before to get defogger, which is right next to the restaurant and had no idea that this was the place I was advised to go for lunch and whatnot. So close! When we got to the resort, Paola was getting the kids for the kids club and Genevieve also wanted to go this time so Mark and I could snorkel in peace and at our leisure. After we got the kids we all hung out at the pool until dinner. This time we stayed for the dancing and the show because Paola, the kids’ club leader, was in it. It was a cute show, black lighting and neon so all you could see was the props they were holding up or whatever. Paola was in a black light strip show, all you could see was their neon lingerie but try explaining that to a six and eight year old! They learned a lot on this trip….

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