The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Touring Merida

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This morning after breakfast we walked to the next block over and rented a horse cart to take us on a tour of the City. We got one that was all cow spotted, funky! We found ourselves on Paseo Montejo, a graceful street with many large houses from the 19th century that reminded me a lot of the Alameda in San Jose. So this is what they’re talking about when they call Merida a graceful city! We had the horse cart driver drop us off at the Archeological Museum (he was in an argument on his cell phone with his girlfriend anyway). This was a prettygood museum, we especially enjoyed the pictures of the Mayan head shaping devices and skulls of people that had had their heads shaped. Genevieve and I also looked at the display of Victorian “angel” pictures–death pictures of children–but Mark was too creeped out. After we saw the museum we walked along the block, stopping at a paleteria for some deserts and then buying some candy from a street vendor.  We were looking for a place for lunch but the place that had looked good from the horse cart was too fancy and we couldn’t find anything else. We did finally find a Mexican bakery. I had explained to Genevieve and Charlotte what a panderia was but then we hadn’t found one so I was glad to see this one. We bought a bunch of stuff, and then caught a cab back to the area around our hotel, where we went to El Portico del Pellegrino for a very nice lunch. After lunch we walked to where a hammock factory was supposed to be, through the area where all of the locals shop, but the hammock factory was no more. We found the girls some fans they wanted and returned to the hotel where the girls and I went swimming. That night we bought more of those headband things, the lady selling them must have thought we were crazy. And then we went to dinner at this fun restaurant near our hotel, and so off to bed.

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