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Pet Farm

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It was still raining, but not as hard as the day before so we decided to go Kennedy’s Pet Farm, stopping first for sodas in Kilgarvan, of course. When I first started researching for the trip I ran across this place as a possible place to rent. They were booked the week we needed (for which I’m glad, I think the place we rented was much better) but I knew the girls would like the pet farm and so I promised them we would go. It was kid heaven. Bins of bunnies and guinea pigs and chickens and puppies just waiting to be picked up. Deer to pet and goats to handle and more puppies and kittens inside. Playground equipment and a huge sandbox inside and another playground outside along with non-functioning buses to play in. The girls had a blast, and we ran into the French couple and their child from Kinsale. We noticed off in the distance a picturesque ruin of maybe a tower house.  That’s what I like about Europe, everywhere there are interesting ruins to see, just on top of hills, not even noted in the guidebooks they’re so common. After we played for a few hours and took a pony ride we headed into Killarney for lunch. We wound up at the Burger King just because it seemed like a good idea. Mark checked his email (Shadow recovering nicely) while I took the girls souvenir shopping. After that we went to the nearby Tesco that was a lot like a Target, where we bought groceries and laundry detergent and another couple of those magazines for kids that have the toys stuck on the front (we really need those here).  As we were leaving the Tesco Genevieve turned to me and said “I really feel like I’m Irish”.  Cutie.

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