The Roving Richards

A family on the move


Friday, August 11, 2007

We had another okay breakfast, checked out of our B & B and left to drive to our rental house in between Kenmare and Kilgarven, near Killarney. On the way we stopped at a cute “market town” called Macroom (Tidy Town). We walked to the castle which was mostly not there except for the front gate (it was being used as an auto body shop and a few other things) and then an atmospheric graveyard which the kids and I enjoyed but it turns out graveyards kind of freak Mark out so he stayed out of the gate. Then we had a nice lunch at a pub with the best potato fry things I think I’ve ever had. After our little stop we made it safely to Doire Farm where we met Ann Randles and got to see our rental. What a cute little place! We were only the second people to stay there (it wasn’t even built when I booked it!) and it was light and airy while still managing to feel traditional. I started a load of laundry (small machines, this was going to take a while) and the kids played in the playground a bit. Then we headed to Kenmare (Tidy Town) for groceries. Kenmare is a cute town but very crowded and it was hard to find parking. We finally did and went to a kitchen ware store where we got some nice egg cups for a souvenir for Genevieve and then we went to the grocery store for food, including this Carrigbyrne Farmhouse cheese which was one of the yummiest things I’ve ever tasted. Back at the house we were a bit off put by the brownish water–I guess it picks up sediment in the wells when it rains a lot. But it smells really good, like incensish so we were fine as long as we didn’t drink it (it probably was healthy enough, we just couldn’t get over the color). We had a nice relaxing dinner, the kids got to use the Jacuzzi tub (shampoo makes massive bubbles in a Jacuzzi tub and disguises the water), I kept cycling the laundry through the machines, and we all went slept on the comfy beds all night.

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