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Scenic Cruising

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Today after breakfast it was time to go look at the glaciers in Glacier Bay.We went up to the top deck for the best view.  As you can see, Charlotte was thrilled, just thrilled. That girl. All she wanted to do was hang out in the room. We got some good views and enjoyed the pieces coming off, and then we had pizza for lunch by the pool.  In the afternoon, we gave the kids the option of going to kids’ club or hanging out with Caitlin, my colleague’s daughter. They opted to hang out with Caitlyn. After they had hung out for a while, we all went to the pool. And then to dinner. That night I took Genevieve to see the comedian. He was funny and pretty clean but maybe a bit too over her head. She liked it though. And Caitlyn and her sister got to sit with us, which was nice.

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Another scenic cruising day, this time to College Fjord. We spent the morning in open seas, but then we entered Prince William Sound and we started to see whales and otters. I put some clothes in the laundry room that was just five cabins away (which if I’d know that I would have done my laundry on the ship and saved the chunk of cash I gave to the Swan Laundry). Genevieve and Charlotte again got to run amuck on the ship with Caitlyn, with some swimming in the pool until 2:00 when Mark and I went to see the movie Valentine’s Day and they got ready to go to tea with Mamama and Aunt Dianne. The moviewas good and they reported that the tea was good. Genevieve brought her binoculars to dinner and saw a bear through the window while we were eating. We said goodbye to our excellent wait staff, and then returned to our rooms where we saw the best glacier spectacular yet.  A HUGE chunk came off while we were watching, large enough to rock the ship with the waves. And with that, we went to bed.

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