The Roving Richards

A family on the move

Trip Over

Friday, June 19th/Saturday July 20th

The trip over was relatively uneventful. Our plane left SFO on time at 4:45pm bound for Frankfurt. Once in Frankfurt we had a six-hour layover because the alternate was to arrive only an hour before our flight out, and as it was the last flight of the day I didn’t think that was a good plan. The Frankfurt airport is pretty small and the food choices not the greatest, so six hours there wasn’t particularly fun, but we did it. Our flight to Napoli was pretty empty so the girls and I all got our own row. We got to Napoli at about 11:00pm Saturday night so everything, including customs, was closed. We got a cab to take us to our hotel, the Hotel Piazza Bellini. It is in the heart of Napoli and Napoli was rockin’ on a Saturday night. People everywhere like a giant street party. The crowd had to part for our taxi. Everything was ready at the hotel, they’d given us an upgrade to a room with a loft bedroom which the girls claimed, leaving us on the sofa bed. We were tired so everyone was able to go right to sleep.



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